Workplace Risk Assessment

An ATP Hygiene audit challenges your existing cleaning process and will either validate those actions or highlight the need for enhanced measures.

Our complete audit covers all areas of existing control measures, site control, existing cleaning measures, signage or graphics to educate and help build user behaviours and business continuity. 

This assessment will identify high risk areas of contamination, define cleaning frequency and establish a benchmark for future assessments. We will carry out onsite bacterial swabs that will identify Bacterial matter in seconds. We don’t swab for a particular virus or bacteria, we swab for ATP – an energy molecule that all living beings have including bacteria and viruses. Too much ATP on any surface is the ideal environment for the spread of viruses. Further off site tests can confirm if it is COVID-19.

To learn more about ATP and the science involved, download a copy of our ATP Cleaning Verification document.

Key benefits

- Minimises the risk of COVID-19 transmission
- Verifies compliance with government guidelines
- Increases confidence of workforce/clients
- Highlights high risk contamination areas
- Provides an action plan to maintain safe environments
- Completely independent certification

Additional benefits

- Protects against prosecution or business closure
- Supports business to function at maximum efficiency
- Reduces financial impact of COVID-19
- Provides assurance to stakeholders
- Improves cleaning and hygiene standards
- Increases cleaning productivity and consistency
- Demonstrates due diligence

The Assessment Process

Step 1 – Consultation
Initial consultation via Telephone or video to understand concerns and challenges around COVID-19 in your work place.

Step 2 – Audit
1 day independent audit that covers all of your workspace from general to reception and other areas of concern and swap testing in communal touching hot spots which as door handles, breakout areas. This will assess and either validate your systems or hight light the need for further enhanced control measures which we can support you with. This is in accordance with latest Government guidelines  

Step 3 – Action Plan
If our audit demonstrates that your current practices are efficient, then we skip to Step 5.  If not we develop a plan with you. 

Step 4 – Implementation
When it is demonstrated that you have taken all reasonable precautions and are Covid secure we will issue with our Certificate to confirm your efforts. We can train your staff to carry out further audits in the future.

Step 5 – Certification
Once you have demonstrated that you are COVID-secure and have all of the necessary precautions in place, you will receive an independent hygiene certificate.

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