UV disinfection

Ultraviolet (UV) light and its sanitising effects on Bacteria and Viruses is a Victorian discovery well suited to dealing with today’s Pandemic.

Employers not in buildings without modern air con units sucking fresh air from outside will have to consider Government Advice on ventilation.

A brief overview says employers must make sure there’s an adequate supply of fresh air (ventilation) in enclosed areas of the workplace. This has not changed during the pandemic.

You can do this by using:
• natural ventilation – fresh air comes in through open windows, doors, or air vents. This is also known as ‘passive airflow’, or
• mechanical ventilation – fans and ducts bring in fresh air from outside

If none of these are possible:
You can use local air cleaning and filtration units to reduce airborne transmission of aerosols where it is not possible to maintain adequate ventilation.

If you decide to use an air cleaning unit:
The most suitable types to use are:
• high-efficiency filters
• ultraviolet-based devices

Steri-White Q

The Steri-White Q silently draws all the air in a room through 2 UV lamps which sanitizes the air as you work. All airborne bacteria to include viruses such as Covid, or Influenza are eliminated.

By deploying devices like the Steri-White Q Employers are providing a layer of reassurance while protecting their bottom line. On average Employees take 5.9 sick days per year or put another way 141 million working days are lost to sickness or injury every year.

The device has low running costs, and the UV Lamps last on average 18 months. You provide immediate protection and reassurance to your Employees while saving money and time through less sick leave.

Download a copy of the datasheet to find out more.

UV Box

The UV-BOX-E2/40H-NX-T is used for hygienic storage of equipment and tools. This makes it possible to carry out disinfection in a simple, immediate and safe way, without the use of liquids and without any contraindications.

The box is equipped with two UV-C lamps installed in opposite positions, one above and one below, to irradiate all surfaces to be disinfected without any shadows.

In addition, the internal reflection increases the irradiation power, which significantly reduces the exposure time required to reach the 99.9% disinfection level. The use of the UV-BOXE2/40H-NX-T is indicated when the bulbs need changing.

Download a copy of the datasheet to find out more.


Small but with 18,000 hrs of life, and 253.7nm the XS eliminates Viruses, Bacteria and any other pathogens. Stainless Steel external Body and Germicide Chamber inside, mirrored Aluminium to enhance UV power.

Special honeycomb TiOx filter with Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles and silver salts photoactivated to avoid NOCs and VOCs and increase indoor Air Quality at each air passage. 24/7 continuous operation time, 50-60 m3/h airflow disinfection, Silent at (32 dB) Horizontal or vertical wall fitting options.

Download a copy of the datasheet to find out more.