Cut plastics, wood and acrylics with ease

Absolute Signs and Graphics is seeing a huge surge in demand in laser cutting. The quality of edge and speed of turnaround, as well as a reduction in running cost mean that this once exclusive service is now available at truly competitive prices. We’ve partnered with a local Hertfordshire laser cutting expert to bring this exciting technology to our customers.

The Zund Eurolaser XL-3200 laser cutter has a flatbed of 3200x2270mm. Basically it’s massive! It can cut a range of materials including plastics, foams, textiles, adhesive foils, wood, acrylic and composite materials up to 50mm thick.

Polished edge acrylic
Laser cutting is extremely precise and fast. The machine not only cuts to incredible tolerances but cuts cleanly too. Laser cut acrylic panels emerge with beautifully polished edges. This level of acrylic polished edged finishing previously involved a lot of labour and extra cost. Now it’s free with every cut! We can also engrave and cut filigree patterns into all kinds of materials.

Laser cut signage & large format printing
Laser cut lettering is just the start. When combined with large format printing and a sprinkling of creative thinking the possibilities are endless. We’re showing a laser cut iPhone holder that has been directly printed onto in reverse and backed up with white ink. Two machines, one process. Your imagination is the only limit to what can be achieved.

Laser cut point of sale displays
This combination of laser cutting and large format printing is perfect for designing producing high end point of sale displays for industries like fashion and cosmetics. You can now produce one-off final POS dummy concepts for showing clients relatively cheaply. Forget 3D renders. Give them the real deal!