External Floated logo

Thames Water is the UK’s largest water utility company with a stock market valuation of £20 billion. In 2017 Absolute Signs and Graphics was commissioned to roll out the new Thames Water branding to their regional offices at Walnut Court in Kembrey Park, Swindon.

The brief:
On the ground

> Slatted infopanel signs
> Monolith signs
> 6m banner flags

Main entrance
> 2m diameter circular lightbox
> Day/night flexface skin
> Glass facade fixture

In addition to the standard car park and entrance signage we were asked if it was possible to install a 2m diameter illuminated circular logo onto the glass facade of the main building. It was a challenge we were more than happy to take on.

We worked closely with our structural engineers to design a system that would allow us to fix the flexface lightbox to glass. A roof-mounted galvanised steel cantilever frame support was designed and installed in order to suspend the logo on a 4mm thick steel wire. The wire and electrical feed was hidden in the vertical window mullions. The flexface lightbox was held in place on the glass using bonding tape. Finally we applied a vinyl logo over the inside of the windows so that the back of the lightbox couldn’t be seen from within the building.


Thames Water Walnut Court

“At Thames Water, we’re passionate about who we are, where we work and the role we play in our community. Impressions matter, that’s why we chose Absolute Signs and Graphics to help us deliver just that – a lasting visual impression. Their service from consultation, to design and installation, has been brilliant. We definitely recommend them.”

Kevin Lennon,
Retail Communications, Thames Water